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A Happy Catastrophe From The Bestselling Author Of Matchmaking For Beginners Comes A Novel About Love, Loss, And The Beautiful Mess Of FamilyMarnie MacGraw And Patrick Delaney Have Been In Love For A Few Years Now, Enough To Realize That They Are Imperfectly Perfect Together Still, There Are Some Things That Maybe Need A Little Attention Marnie S Ebullient He S Brooding She Thrives On Change He Prefers Stability She Sees Marriage And Parenthood In Their Future, But He Can T See Beyond The Shadow Of An Earlier TragedyThen An Eight Year Old Surprise From Patrick S Past Shows Up On Their Doorstep, Cartwheeling Into Their Lives And Spinning Things In All Directions While It S Not Exactly The Change She Envisioned, It Looks Like Instant Family To Marnie But Patrick, Afraid Of Being Hurt Again, Retreats Further Into Himself Suddenly, Two Very Different Pieces Of A Beautiful Puzzle Find It Harder And Harder To Fit How Can Marnie Trust In The Magic Of The Universe When It Seems To Be Doing Its Best To Knock Her Off Her Feet But Some Love Stories Are Worth Waiting For And What S Love Without A Little Chaos Anyway

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    If you enjoyed Matchmaking for Beginners as much as I did, prepare to be spellbound by A Happy Catastrophe in which Marnie and the people closest to her discover that magic isn t getting what you want, but rather in loving what life surprises you with Maddie Dawson is at the top of her game in this charming and unputdownable novel.

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    Thanks to Netgalley and Lake Union Publishing for my copy.I absolutely loved this book I was so excited to see there was a sequel on Netgalley I loved Matchmaking for Beginners It was a book I found with First Reads I loved it so much I bought an actual copy of it when it was released I ll be doing the same with this one as well.This book continues Marnie and Patrick s story Marnie is ready to get married and have babies while Pat

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    A triumphant tale about the redemptive magic of love and the way life sometimes drags us through the muck before giving us what we never knew we wanted Marnie is one of the most delightful heroines in contemporary fiction and you won t want to miss her Moment of truth When I saw that Dawson had written a follow up book to Matchmaking for Beginners, I was skeptical How can you follow up a perfect book Where is there to go But if anything, t

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    I was a big fan of Matchmaking for Beginners and was really excited to receive this ARC A Happy Catastrophe allows readers to see what happens after they get together Patrick and Marnie were really relatable and fun characters to read about While there was less magic in this story than MfB, there was still a touch added to remind you to believe This book had so many laugh out loud funny moments and also moments where I had to grab my tissue box Fr

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    Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for an advanced reader copy of this book It was so good to become reacquainted with Patrick and Marnie and see what magic and catastrophes would happen I really enjoyed it

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    ARC received from netgalley in exchange for review.For a book titled A Happy Catastrophe, this one gotsurprisingly dark 3.5 stars, debated whether to round up or down, but ended up rounding to 4 because I liked that it took an intentional turn from the themes and the mood of Matchmaking for Beginners Many of the same characters, of course, but getting into new situations this time The contrasting tones of whimsical and dark made it read somewhat uneven at times T

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    A sequel to Matchmaking for Beginners, A Happy Catastrophe revisits the lives of Marnie and Patrick now they are a couple, which is great because I liked both characters in the first book and felt there story needed to be continued I did enjoy this book however, it seemed alot darker than the first Patrick s mental struggle with a tragic accident in his past is quite dominant in the story and I think its handled very well by the author I felt that the switching between t

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    A Happy Catastrophe, a whimsical adventure We follow Marnie, Patrick, Blix now in the form of a toaster along their journey of raising an 8 year old that just showed up on their doorstep Marnie is a matchmaker As her mother says, she s got the magic She gets sparkles when she sees people that should be together She lives with Patrick, her boyfriend A burn victim that saw life again once he met Blix, and then met Marnie This was a fun read I enjoyed Marnie s optimism and passion

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    Oh this sweet Rom Com hit me in ALL THE FEELS I absolutely love the character of Marnie her personality, her outlook on the world, the way she loves completely and with her whole heart She truly inspires me I want to be like her, I want to meet people like her and I want to read about her Marnie is a flower shop owner and matchmaker who literally sees sparkles around people who are meant to be together And she makes it her mission to make that happen no matter the situation The flowe

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    I feel in love with these characters right from the beginning A beautifully written story filled with wonderful people love love love it Highly highly recommend

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